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Salvaged Style workshop w/ Melissa Lockwood

  • Wed Apr 17 2013 • CSPS Hall • 5-6:30 pm • $15

This workshop with New York artist designer Melissa Lockwood will cover recycling discarded garments into clothing that is eco-beautiful and fun to wear. Many of Melissa’s  creations feature original art work, hand-drawn with nontoxic fabric marker or paint.

Melissa, who is grew up in Cedar Rapids and attended the University of Iowa, invites workshop participants to bring garments they don’t want anymore (things that would otherwise end up in the landfall or donated to Goodwill). Like a fashion swap meet, the garments will be tossed into a pile and everyone will dig through and take whatever they want.

Melissa will then share her methods of transforming “unwanted” clothing and fabric into one-of-kind statements of fashion and art.