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J.E. Sunde

  • Fri Jul 7 2017 - 8:00 pm • CSPS Hall
  • $14 advance | $17 door

Daytrotter has proclaimed him “one of the greatest indie-folk singer-songwriters around,” and it’s an opinion increasing numbers of critics seem to share. Says Chris Pizzolo, “J.E. Sunde’s music invites the finest folk comparisons, whether it’s to classic or contemporary artists. With the charm of Van Morrison and the conviction of Frank Turner, Sunde is an undeniable folk force.” A Minneapolis-based songwriter known for complex lyrics and detailed weavings of melody, Sunde recently released his sophomore LP, Now I Feel Adored. Recorded in a Victorian mansion in Neenah, Wisconsin, the album features a core band of  Shane Leonard (Kalispell, Field Report), Andrew Thoreen (Har-di-Har) and Pat Keen (Wei Zhongle, Ryan Powers, Guerilla Toss), augmented by the keyboards of Marty Breuggemann and a smattering of strings and flute. The album flows from its opening number, an Irish folk-type tune entitled “I Will Smile When I Think of You,” performed as a duet with Monica Martin of Phox. Like the rest of the album, it constitutes what Flood magazine has called “songs that feel rooted to the ground despite being urged upward, outward, and beyond, with a single guitar line providing the thread that connects the earth to the sky.”

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