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Haunted Windchimes

  • Wed Sep 20 2017 - 7:00 pm • CSPS Hall
  • $15 advance | $18 door

This Pueblo, Colorado-based quartet breathes vim and vigor into old-timey roots music. Grounded in pleasing harmonies and spirited pickin’, the group’s original sound blends bluegrass, blues and country. There are elements of all those traditions in songs that paint pictures of empty train stations and nights spent passing around a jug of moonshine. Says Sean Moller of Paste and Daytrotter, “These are songs of sweet shinings and those things that we aspire to when we see the light. The Haunted Windchimes are a scarily good group.” Moody, often melancholy, but always deeply affecting, the group’s harmonies are delivered by Desirae Garcia (ukulele), Chela Lujan (banjo) and Inaiah Lujan (guitar). Multi-instrumentalist Mike Clark (harmonica, guitar and mandolin) provides the filigree and drive. “They recreate the vibe of rural 1930s music with a contemporary consciousness,” said Sing Out! Magazine. “The rustic, honeyed harmonies are a delight.”