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Erin Bode

  • Sun Oct 15 2017 - 7:00 pm • CSPS Hall
  • $17 advance | $21 door

It is always a treat to watch a young artist grow, and vocalist Erin Bode has been doing a lot of growing lately. With every tour, Erin’s clear, bell-like voice gets stronger and prettier, her original music gains focus, and her band gets tighter. In the decade-plus since Erin Bode began her professional recording career, she has garnered much critical praise for her pure voice, perfect pitch, and impressive phrasing and style. It is this talent, coupled with her reluctance to accept classification as a purely jazz vocalist that has led to reviews hailing her as “someone you won’t forget” and comparing her sound to the likes of Eva Cassidy, Norah Jones, and Karrin Allyson. A Minnesota native, Bode was first introduced to music by her father, a Lutheran minister, who emphasized music in daily life and encouraged her to join the church choir.  Her love for music has not faltered since. To date, Bode and her band have released six albums and toured around the United States, as well overseas to Italy, Japan, and South Africa. The Erin Bode Group creates music forged from the Americana of its members’ Midwestern roots, infused with jazz grooves and made magic by Bode’s bell-like voice. Sophisticated arrangements and attention to phrasing, both vocal and instrumental, further distinguish the band’s fresh sound.