CSPS flood update, including show changes

UPDATE: We are open for business and back on our regular schedule

CSPS Hall will remain closed until the flood waters recede. Fortunately, the building was effectively floodproofed in the renovations that followed the flood of 2008. All property from the first floor ― not only of Legion Arts, but tenants New Bo Mercantile, Next Page, SPT, The Hook ― was moved upstairs or out over the weekend, and CSPS, as well as the Firehouse, were sandbagged. We’re grateful to the scores of community volunteers, the staff, and past and present board members, who helped.

As far as we can tell, the protections that the city put in place have prevented flood waters from reaching the building.

Show changes
The area is still under an evacuation order and nightly curfews remain in effect through Sat, so we’re making some changes to the schedule. The Maarja Nuut show scheduled for Weds evening, Sep 28, has been postponed until Fri Feb 3, 2017. If you have tickets, they’ll be honored then. The John McCucheon concert scheduled for 8 pm this Fri, Sep 30, has been moved to the Campbell Steele Gallery in Marion. A reduced number of seats means that John’s show is sold out, or nearly sold out; there may be a few tickets available at the door. Finally, we’re hopeful that the Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino show scheduled for 7 pm Sun, Oct 2, will take place at CSPS, as originally planned. This astonishing band from the Puglia region of Italy should be just the thing for a joyful, post-flood, welcome-back celebration.

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