For over a decade, the Giving Tree Band has been connecting with music lovers left and right, frequently converting them into Giving Tree-huggers. Formed in 2004 by enigmatic brothers E and Todd Fink, the Illinois quintet has been called America’s answer to Mumford and Sons. Describing themselves as New Age outlaws, they’ve evolved a musical... read more

Carsie Blanton is a singer, songwriter, guitarist and piano player based in New Orleans, whose most recent album, So Ferocious, has been called “a playful indie-pop record for smart, ferocious libertines.”

Over four albums, her output has... read more

Daytrotter has proclaimed him “one of the greatest indie-folk singer-songwriters around," and it’s an opinion increasing numbers of critics seem to share. Says Chris Pizzolo, “J.E. Sunde’s music invites the finest folk comparisons, whether it’s to classic or contemporary artists. With the charm of Van Morrison and the conviction of Fra... read more

James Mason, lead singer of The Roosevelts, muses on the birth of their name: “It was Presidents’ Day. It was our first day in the studio. We had the songs, but we didn’t have a name. There were two of them, and two of us. I like to think they would have been fans of our music.” Following that day in the studio, the duo -- which includes... read more

This “barrel-drum-tight” Canadian trio is burning up stages across the continent with its fiery mix of Irish, Acadian, Francophone and Maritime sounds. When brothers Rowen and Caleb Gallant teamed up with Jesse Périard, they created a sound that has transcended labels like trad, folk, or fusion. “This on-fire trio have harnessed a traditi... read more

Based in Minnesota but with roots in the Deep South, Chastity Brown is a powerful new musical voice who’s “able to distill Southern blues and plaintive North Country prairie influences into expansive, alluring folk songs" (The Current). Chastity, whose mother came from a large Irish family in Boston, and whose father was an African-American ... read more

Five-time winners at the New England Music Awards, here’s a band whose reputation has been built on “sweaty, passionate and enduring” live performances that have earned them comparisons to Springsteen and U2. Jack Casey of Boston radio station WERS has proclaimed, “After two hours of non-stop playing, Adam Ezra’s given everything he ha... read more

Over the past decade, the New West Guitar Group has developed a reputation as one of the premier ensembles in the world. Featuring guitarists Perry Smith (New York), and John Storie and Will Brahm (Los Angeles), the group has developed a signature sound and innovative style that highlights rhythm, beauty and virtuos... read more