Some things come to be in their own time, of their own accord. Such has been the case with The Steel Wheels. In the beginning, it was simply a matter of four young men who’d happened to cross paths at a formative moment in each of their lives reveling in the shared experience of plucking acoustic instruments and blending their voices. But over... read more

Suzy Bogguss is country music royalty, a singer with an instantly recognizable, crystal clear voice that took songs like “Aces,” “Drive South,” “Someday Soon,” “Outbound Plane” and “Letting Go” to the top of the country music charts. Along the way she won raves from critics and peers alike, winning a Grammy in 2005 for Tradit... read more

SHEL is Sarah, Hannah, Eva and Liza, four young, classically trained musicians who happen to be sisters.  Based in Fort Collins, Colorado, the sisters have turned folk music upside down with their infectious rhythms, hypnotic vocals and stunning musicianship.
Nestled within SHEL’s sound are wisps of folk revival, vaudeville, rena... read more

Rising out of the prairies of the Midwest, The Pines are one of the most distinct and powerful indie-rock/Americana groups to hit the national scene in years. Emerging from the same Minneapolis music world that spawned such notable acts as The Jayhawks, The Replacements and Bob Dylan, The Pines have gathered a stunning line-up of musical talent,... read more

The ninth season of SPT Theatre’s Tales from the Writers’ Room this year proudly reminds us that “It’s a Zoo!” Each original episode takes an unlikely theme, a pool of clever sketch writers, and some of the hottest musicians in the corridor to weave together an original two-hour fun-fest.

SPT wraps up season nine of Tales from th... read more

In December 2016, after more than a year of touring, songwriter Joan Shelley, together with guitarist Nathan Salsburg, headed to Chicago, where they joined Jeff Tweedy for five days in Wilco’s studio. Spencer Tweedy, home from college, joined on drums, while James Elkington shifted between piano and resonator guitar. Jeff added electric accent... read more

A force of grace to be reckoned with,” Live for Live Music has called her. “Maggie Koerner dazzles audiences with her ease on stage and a voice that naturally transfers from one genre to the next.” Indeed, the New Orleans singer-songwriter has established herself on the American tour circuit with her incredible live per... read more

The Sea The Sea is an Upstate New York-based indie folk-pop duo-band featuring what Huffington Post calls, “Two of the loveliest male-female voices you might ever hear this or any other year.” Their 2014 debut release, Love We Are We Love, received praise from NPR, American Songwriter and No Depressi... read more

Born and raised in Holly Springs, Miss., Cedric Burnside has been playing music all his life. His  relentless, highly rhythmic style takes the blues to another level. A four-time winner of the prestigious Blues Music Awards Drummer of the Year award, he is widely regarded as one of the best drummers in the world. He’s begun to make a name... read more

Carsie Blanton is a singer, songwriter, guitarist and piano player based in New Orleans, whose most recent album, So Ferocious, has been called “a playful indie-pop record for smart, ferocious libertines.”

Over four albums, her output has... read more